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At IDBI Federal, it’s our constant endeavor to create innovations that create value for our customers. These innovations are brought to life through our wide array of products that fit the varying financial and investment needs at different stages of life.

Group Loan Secure Plan
A single premium, non-linked, non-participating, group credit life plan to secure the mortgage in the event of death of the insured members.
Termsurance® Group Protection Insurance
A group term plan that provides life insurance benefit to its members. It offers the advantage of optional, add-on benefits and acts as an expansive financial protection plan.
POS Guaranteed Income Plan
A regular premium plan which provides the flexibility to choose between income and endowment option basis your financial needs
Termsurance® Life Protection Insurance Plan
A plan that enables you to protect your family in case of an eventuality. It ensures that your family’s dreams remain secure, no matter what!
POS Guaranteed Plan
IDBI Federal Life Insurance POS Guaranteed Plan is a single premium plan which provides a life cover for 7 years.
Childsurance® Savings Protection Insurance Plan
IDBI Federal Childsurance® Savings Protection Insurance Plan; a non-linked participating endowment plan that ensures your child’s future financial needs are fulfilled.
Guaranteed Wealth Plan
A long term life insurance plan which comes with a component of savings element that assures you of guaranteed returns on your investment.
Group Microsurance® Plan
The IDBI Federal Group Microsurance Plan provides affordable life insurance cover to groups. The plan is extremely useful to Micro Finance Institutions, Self Help Groups and NGOs.
Wealth Gain Insurance Plan
A unit-linked plan with a monthly payment option, life cover and waiver of premium on disability.
Wealthsurance® Growth Insurance Plan SP
A single premium unit-linked plan that helps you maximise returns on your investment, with a one-time effort.
Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan 6 pay
A money back-plan that will help you achieve your goals with assurance of guaranteed income.
Wealthsurance® Future Star Insurance Plan

IDBI Federal Wealthsurance® Future Star Insurance Plan is an unit-linked insurance plan that enables you to fulfill your child’s dreams.
Secured Income Insurance Plan
This is a simple plan wherein you invest for 10 years and then enjoy a guaranteed annual income for the next 10 years with life insurance cover.
iSuranceTM Online Term Insurance Plan

Assuring a secure financial future for your family, is now simple. This simple, comprehensive and affordable online term insurance plan is the kind of insurance we’d want for ourselves.
iSuranceTM Flexi Term Insurance Plan

An online term plan tailor-made for your needs. The plan offers customisation in the form of ‘Lump-sum with Conversion Benefit’ and ‘Monthly Benefit’ options.
IncomesuranceTM Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan 7 Pay
Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan 7 Pay is a money-back plan that gives you the confidence of guaranteed income.
IncomesuranceTM Guaranteed Money Back Insurance Plan
Incomesurance Guaranteed Money Back is a plan which will enable you to stop predicting the future, and guarantee it instead!
Lifesurance® Savings Insurance Plan

IDBI Federal Lifesurance Savings Insurance Plan is a fixed term non-linked participating plan that provides you the twin benefits of long-term savings and life cover.
Loansurance® Group Insurance Plan SP
A group credit protection plan where you can make only one payment and cover the loans of your borrowers. This not only ensures the loan repayment but also secures the borrower’s family against any outstanding debt.
Termsurance® Group Insurance Plan
A pure group term plan designed to cater to a wide variety of formal and informal groups by providing them with basic life insurance protection.
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You can pay your premiums swiftly and safely, just follow these 3 simple steps. It’s really simple and convenient.